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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Iedul Fitri/Lebaran Cookies

It's a tradition in Indonesia when we celebrate Lebaran or Iedul Fitri we serve lebaran cookies to treat and honor our visitors. The cookies are homemades, usually made by the mother and helped by the daughters and sometimes the neighbours come to help too. While we're making the cookies, we're gossiping, talking about other people or getting some new informations about other stuffs or sometimes we get some new tricks about new recipes. It's the best time in my life where people are socializing and getting contacts with others just by making cookies for Lebaran.

The cookies themselves are variable. You can find some of Lebaran cookies in my blog that I made myself such as Nastar (pineapple cookies), Kue sagu keju (Tapioca cheese cookies), Kue kacang (peanut butter cookies) and Kue kelapa keju (Coconut cheese cookies). There are another variable of lebaran cookies such as kue bawang, cheesestick, kacang bawang and some other things that I haven't had the time yet to make it. When the time permitted I'll post them here.

It's really a tradition that Lebaran cookies must be there during Iedul Fitri. There is no exception, even for some people who have to work and don't have time to make the cookies themselves, then they usually order somewhere else or just buy them from the store.

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