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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Smoked Salmon Croissant

Nothing is wonderful having brunch on Sunday morning accompanied by fresh baked bread and croissants and a cup of coffee. This is what we normally do on Sunday morning. But because now is Ramadhan which is a fully month fasting so I can't do this for a while. But I still can have croissant for my morning eat during Ramadhan.

This time I make my croissants filled in with smoked salmon. I'm not such a person who would do the effort to make the dough by myself and especially if it's easily to find in the local grocery, so I just bought a ready-made croissant dough and fill it with smoked salmon and bake it in the oven... voilà ready, fresh and still warm straight from the oven. Perhaps the taste would slightly different than if you make the dough by yourself. But for now lets give a try for simple and easy made croissant filled with smoked salmon...;)

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