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Friday, September 12, 2008

Mung Beans & Sticky Black Rice Porridge

In indonesian we call this dish "Bubur Ketan Hitam & Kacang Hijau". This delicious dish usually consumed by night when the weather is a little bit cold, when it's raining outside or when you're still hungry in the late evening and we consume this as snack.
Mung beans themselves are very healthy. They contain iron and vitamines. They're very good for children, but too bad my children never want to taste this dish. Well maybe they just don't know it yet how it tastes. Maybe when they're a bit bigger when their curiousity about food developed they would taste this dish and perhaps will like it too. Finger-crossed..!

I usually cook this according to my feeling. But this recipe from my friend Ema is close to my version.

Mung beans porridge:
2 cups mung beans, rinse and soak
6 cm ginger, cut in slices
2 eatsps brown sugar (or gula jawa)
700 ml water

Sticky black rice porridge:
11/2 cups sticky black rice, rinse and soak
2 eatsps brown sugar (or gula jawa)
2 pandan leafs
800 ml water

Coconut sauce:
400 cc coconut milk
a pinch of salt
1 tsp maizena dissolve in a bit water

Mung beans porridge:
1. Boil mung beans, water and ginger until cooked or until the beans are soft.
2. Add brown sugar (fix the sweetness as needed).
3. Put aside.

Sticky black rice porridge:
1. Boil the rice, water and pandan leafs until the rice cooked and thick.
2. Add the sugar (fix the sweetness as needed).
3. Put aside.

Coconut sauce:
1. Boil coconut milk and salt.
2. Add dissolve maizena in. Stir well. Ready to be poured over the porridge.

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