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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thai Green Manggo Salad


From previous posting I made Indonesian green manggo salad. This time I make green manggo salad ala Thai. Originally the recipe is for green papaya salad, but since green papaya difficult to find I subtitute it with green manggo.

Green Manggo Salad Ala Thai

50 gr roasted peanuts
1 green manggo, peeled, shredded
10 cherry tomatoes, cut into two
2 garlics, crushed
4-8 small red chillies, chrused
3-4 tbspoons fish sauce (I subtitute with salt)
5 tbspoons lime juice
1 tbsp palm sugar

1. Chrused the chillies and garlics and roasted peanuts.
2. Add with lime juice, fish sauce and palm sugar. Mix all together.
3. Add the shredded manggo and tomatoes, chrused a little bit and mix well in the dressing.
4. Serve on the board and sprinkle with roasted peanuts if you like.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Rujak Mangga Muda // Sweet Spicy Green Manggo Salad (Indonesian)


Rujak is a traditional fruit salad dish commonly found  Indonesia.

In Indonesia, among the Javanese, rujak is an essential part of the traditional prenatal ceremony called Tujuh bulanan (literally: seventh month). Special fruit rujak is made for this occasion, and later served to the mother-to-be and her guests, primarily her female friends). It is widely known that the sweet, spicy and sour tastes of rojak are adored by pregnant women. The recipe of rujak for this ceremony is similar to typical Indonesian fruit rujak, with the exceptions that the fruits are roughly shredded instead of thinly sliced, and that pomelo/pink grapefruit is an essential ingredient. It is believed that if the rujak overall tastes sweet, the unborn would be a girl, and if it is spicy, the unborn baby is a boy.
Mangarabar or rujak making is really a special event for the inhabitants of the Batak Mandailing region in Tapanuli, Indonesia and a much anticipated event after the harvest, normally the whole village will be involved in making the rujak. The rujak is served to the whole village.

The dressing of fruit rujak is made of palm sugar, salt, tamarind, ground peanuts, terasi (shrimp paste), bird's eye chilli and red chilli. The fruit is sliced to bite-size, and put in the dish. The sweet spicy dressing is poured on the fruit slices. (Some texts adapted from wikipedia)


The rujak I'm presenting here is another variant which commonly found in the area of Bogor (West Java). In this variant the dressing is first boiled then poured over the fruit slices and to be refrigerated for a night so the sweet, sour & spicy dressing will be absorbed by the fruit. It's really refreshing during a hot summer day.

I only use green (young) manggo for this rujak. And if you find it too spicy, you can always reduce the chillies.... or remove the seeds.

Rujak Mangga Muda

1 green manggo, cut in thin slices
2 red chillies, roughly crushed
2 bird's eye chillies, roughly crushed
a pinch of salt
1 or 2 tbs gula jawa (palm sugar) sdm Gula Jawa
Caster sugar

1. In the pan cook the water with chillies, salt, palm sugar and caster sugar. Let it boiled until the sugar dissolved.
2. Remove from the pan, add vinegar. Remember the taste has to be sweet, sour & spicy.
3. Pour the sauce over the manggo slices. Refrigerate one night and serve it cold with krupuk.