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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thai Green Manggo Salad


From previous posting I made Indonesian green manggo salad. This time I make green manggo salad ala Thai. Originally the recipe is for green papaya salad, but since green papaya difficult to find I subtitute it with green manggo.

Green Manggo Salad Ala Thai

50 gr roasted peanuts
1 green manggo, peeled, shredded
10 cherry tomatoes, cut into two
2 garlics, crushed
4-8 small red chillies, chrused
3-4 tbspoons fish sauce (I subtitute with salt)
5 tbspoons lime juice
1 tbsp palm sugar

1. Chrused the chillies and garlics and roasted peanuts.
2. Add with lime juice, fish sauce and palm sugar. Mix all together.
3. Add the shredded manggo and tomatoes, chrused a little bit and mix well in the dressing.
4. Serve on the board and sprinkle with roasted peanuts if you like.


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