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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Indonesian Baking Club Birthday

KBB (= Indonesian Baking Club) becomes 1 year old. There are contests being held to celebrate its birthday. There are 3 categories of contests i.e. baking, cooking and food photography. Myself is just a new comer in this club but I'm sure this club is as fun as other club too.

After taking many pictures including baking some things, my final decision goes to this picture. Why? I love the natural color of the fruits themselves and I like to see the contrast between the background and the table mat. Well this is just my opinion, I'm sure other people would have another opinions. No matter, what important is the fun to participate and helping friends to promote their site to go global.

This is my entry to participate food photography contest of KBB with a theme "catchy color".

Another trials in order to get the right compositions are as samples followed:

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