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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Manggo Yogurt With Nectarine For Breaking Fasting

Ramadhan this year is quite different that the past years. The time to break the fast is starting at around 8.30 pm. I have to keep my conditions healthy otherwise I would break-down before the Ramadhan finished. That's why I try to make healthy food and healthy dessert too. No frying stuffs and not too many sweet things too. My breaking menu is usually rice, stir-fry vegetables and a piece of fish or chicken. For dessert I choose to eat yogurt and a bit fruit. Usually after this breaking it's almost time to bed. If my stomach too ful, I can't sleep and I'll have difficulty to get up early. Ramadhan month is tiring but no matter what I'm happy to do it. It comes only once a year and I always look forward for Ramadhan.

This is one of my desserts look a like for breaking fasting during Ramadhan... Manggo yogurt with nectarine. It's delicious and healthy too.

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