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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Iedul Fitri 1429H in Belgium

As people know after the end of Ramadhan, we are all muslims celebrating Iedul Fitri. I live in Belgium far from my own family which are all living in Indonesia. So to celebrate Iedul Fitri, I celebrate it at the Indonesian Embassy Brussel. Most of Indonesians from Belgium, Netherland and Luxemburg come here to celebrate it.

The day is started with Sholat Ied at 10 o'clock in the morning. After that people are asking for forgiveness by shaking hands or hugging each other. Why asking for forgiveness? Well, sometimes as a human being we make some mistakes such as talking bad about other people, or being so nasty to others, or just being forgotten to act polite.. and sometimes those things happen without any purpose but can hurt some people feelings. That's why at Iedul Fitri day, we try to forgive each other and start all over again with new and clean attitudes.

Idul Fitri Brussel

After praying people can go to have lunch at the ambassador house. This time the menu is lontong (rice wrapped in banana leaves), sayur lontong (vegetable in coconut milk), opor ayam (chicken in coconut milk), Oseng-oseng sayur udang (stir fry vegetables with shrimp) and asinan (mix vegetables with peanut sauce). There are also Lebaran cookies served on the table, together with some fruits and puddings. While eating and drinking, people can enjoy live music. Some people come to participate to sing a song on the stage too. Then we do some dances too to make ourself comfortable. Our stomach are full and still doing some exercises... but it was really fun!!!!

Back home, I prepare Lebaran dinner for the whole family. Our dinner menu is so humble but we still enjoy it. So I make Gulai Ayam, Nasi Kebuli, some lebaran cookies and for dessert Chocolate Milk Pudding.

Menu lebaran

Well until next Ramadhan and next Iedul Fitri...............

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Dhi said...

Minal aidin walfaidzin ya bu. Widiiihhh seru banget sih lebaranan disana