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Friday, October 31, 2008

Food Photography Event: Oozed

Flickr food photography event hosted by Daring Baking Club (Klub Berani Baking/KBB). This month theme is OOZED. So we have to photograph food that oozed out and dripping out.

To participate to this month event, I was actually not really in the mood. Lots of works and less inspirations. Few day before ending day, I just tried to photograph egg. First I made soft fried egg. When I did the shoot, the sun light was on and off as you know I work with natural lighting. So it didn't work with the picture. Blamm, went to the trash.

Second day, early in the morning when I was going to make my breakfast, sun shined, plenty natural light through my kitchen windows. Straight I got an idea to boil soft egg. Then prepare the table, setting and camera to make a shoot. Many pictures were taken here. Only the few last pictures did work as I wanted it. Then straight edited in lightroom and photoshop, posted in flickr. End of the month, we got the result of the most voted photo as favorite and claim as a winner. Guess who...???!!!! My oozed soft boiled egg. Yaaaiiiiii.... I feel like my dear friend Cheri would say, "I would dance half-naked on the roof".

1 comment:

Dhi said...

Congrats Lintang! Gw ga tau foto loe yang ini menang di KKB. Anyway the very same photo caught my attention in Foodbuzz. Keren memang foto lo ini bu :D

Anyways, love the new blog skin.