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Friday, November 21, 2008

Chicken Panang Curry With Noodles

Recently my friend gave me a curry paste product I should try. At first I wasn't really convinced because I had few bad experiences using instant products, but if someone gave you something it's impolite to refuse, right?. Ok, I took her gift. Few days later, my curiousity won, so I tried the paste into my dish. The result was amazing, it was a mild and sweet curry dish and was done in 20 minutes. An absolute must try product for lazy person like me who don't really like blending the curry paste from fresh ingredients. The product itself is quite wellknown and easy to find in any Asian shops. If you want to make fresh panang curry paste yourself, you can try the recipe from Real Thai Recipes.

I think once you have the curry paste, you can create any curry dish you want and combine with any vegetables or ingredients you like.

1 double boneless chicken, cut in cubes
1 onion, slices
2 carrots, slices
2 boiled potatoes, cut in big cubes
2 tablespoons panang curry paste
Coriander leafs
1 cube chicken broth
250 ml coconut milk
100 ml water
Noodles, soak in hot water, drained

1. Heat the oil in the pan. Add the onions, fry until onions soft then added with panang curry. Stir fry until all blended.
2. Add the chicken in the pan, stir fry until the chicken colored.
3. Add the carrots, water and chicken broth. Let it boiled until the chicken and carrots cooked.
4. Add the coconut milk, stir thoroughly and leave it boiled. Once a while stirring.
5. Last one, add the potatoes cubes in the pan then garnish with coriander leafs.
6. Serve with noodles but off-course the curry dish fits perfectly with steamed rice too.

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