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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Urap Ketan Hitam Saus Gula Jawa

This Indonesian sweet dish is stuck in my memory. I used to eat it when I was small. Every morning my mom went to the local market and always came home with it and other snacks. The sellers who sell this sweet also sell other sweet dishes called "jajan pasar". Along with it (as I remember) in one wrap banana leaf there were also "tiwul", "gerontol jagung" - corn flowers with grated coconut, "gethuk"- steamed-cassava cake, " and cenil" - colorful sago palm sweet. I don't really have a knowledge to make it, but based on my strong memory of this dish and how it tasted I try to figure out myself to make it. The proportions of the ingredients are just approximately, it's possible to reduce or to raise the coconut milk.

This is also my entry to participate a foodie event called "Masak Bareng Yuk" which theme is rice.

Urap ketan hitam

Urap Ketan Hitam Saus Gula Jawa (Black glutinous rice sprinkled with grated coconut and brown sugar sauce)

250 gr black glutinous rice, rinse and soak for 3 hours
250 ml coconut milk
1 tspoon salt
2 pandan leafs

1. Steam black glutinous rice until half-cooked. Put into a heat-resistant bowl.
2. Cook the coconut milk, salt and pandan leafs.
3. Pour the cooked-coconut liquid in steamed glutinous rice. Mix well until all liquid absorbed.
4. Steam again until the glutinous rice cooked. Serve with gula jawa sauce and steamed grated coconut.

100 gr gula jawa
1 pandan leaf
200 ml water

Cook the water, pandan leaf and gula jawa until dissolved.


Masak Bareng said...

Terima Kasih yaa....
udah ikutan Masak Bareng Yuuk 04-2009 :D

oia,udah vote menu untuk bulan depan, blom?
kalo mo vote, boleh di

sampai jumpa di masak bareng yuuk bulan depan :D

Dapur Cantik said...

hihi..hampir mirip ama jajanan pasarnya Dapur Cantik...
salam kenal ya :)

Retno Prihadana said...

ikutan nyicip juga ah :)