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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Simple Chicken Curry

Back to old days when I couldn't cook very well. At that time I always copied easy and simple recipes for daily cooking. Amongst other is this chicken curry. I don't remember anymore where did I get this recipe because I found this recipe again in my old note book which is my biggest treasure at home after my children. Simple recipe like this one is never ended, if you run out of ideas or lazy to cook, just take a simple way like cooking this simple chicken curry.

1 boneless chicken
100 gr potatoes
100 gr bean sprout
100 gr carrots
1 onion (3 small red onions)
1 bay leaf (salam leaf)
1/2 - 1 eatsps curry powder
1/2 cup cocomilk
salt, pepper as needed
red chillies or sambal ulek from the jar as needed (as additive if you like more spicy and the curry becomes red)Directions:
- Cut the chicken in small pieces.
- Stir fry onions, add with salam leaf and chillies (sambal).
- Add in chicken, stir the chicken until colored.
- Add the vegetables. Season with salt & pepper. Add water as needed and let it cook until 1/2 done.
- Add the curry powder, stir thoroughly.
- When the curry fragrant starting overwhelm the whole kitchen, pour in the cocomilk. Cook until done.
- Serve with rice.

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