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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Little mermaid for my little girl

Today is my daughter becoming 5 years old. Her big day today, because today they also celebrate carnival party at school. What a lucky girl :o)).

Before she went to school she asked me to bake b'day cake for her, and she chose Ariel from little mermaid. I did try my best to copy Ariel from disney book. The outcome wasn't so bad since it was the first time for me to do the patchwork and I kind enjoyed it too. The most important when she got back from school, she was so happy with her cake and just couldn't wait to eat it.

On Saturday, she still has a big party and some friends from school are invited too. It's also going to be her big day, because it's going to be her first b'day party with friends at home. Oh, it feels like she's going 16th.. my goodness!

This is just a simply vanilla cake filled with whipped cream and covered with fondant. The size is just 15 cm (diameter) but it can be eaten for 6 up to 8 people.

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