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I dedicate this blog to my loving husband, my two beautiful children, my dearest friends & family. Thank you for always loving me and enjoying my food. You are my inspirations for any new creations I make.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cars McQueen look-alike for Reza b'day

Reza is a son of my friend. He's turning 4 last week. He asked cupcakes for his friends at school. He likes cars a lot, especially from disney figure, lightning McQueen from Cars movie. Well, I tried my best to satisfy him.. and voila, here is the result...

I made the figures from marzipan and the checkboard from fondant. Only too bad, some cakes were dried out and flopping out from the case. It was a bit struggle to fix them, but still, two of the cupcakes couldn't be fixed. I had to be really careful when I put the decorations on them.. to cover the damage.. pfff... :(

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