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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fish In Green Curry Sauce

As I said before in my posting about green curry that I'd post a recipe using this paste. I love fish and seafood and I always have them in the freezer, so adding fish in the curry sauce would be great to accompany my hot steamy rice. It's very simple yet delicious dish, perfect to make when you have unexpected guests.

350 gr fish fillet
2-3 eatsps green curry paste
100 gr green beans
salt & peper for seasoning
1 teasp stock powder (optional)
250 ml coconut milk

1. Heat the oil in the pan. Stir fry the green curry paste in hot oil until fragrant.

2. Add with cut green beans, stir fry until the beans half-soft, add liquid / water if it's too dry.

3. Pour the coconut milk in the pan, season and add stock powder, leave to boil.

4. Add the fish in the pan, cover the sauce to coat. Lower the heat and simmer until the fish done. Remove and ready to serve.

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